Update from Ecuador: ACBC Conference & Biblical Counseling in Ecuador

DECEMBER 03, 2014
Dear Friends and Family,
The month of October has flown by and we are excited to share about what the Lord has been doing in our lives and in La Fuente.
ACBC Conference
At the beginning of the month, we had an amazing opportunity to attend the annual ACBC (Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) conference along with our dear sister, Mariqui, from La Fuente.

For the first time, the conference was open to Spanish speakers. We provided  translation of the website, for registration and for one of the break-out session as well.

We see such a need for Biblical Counseling in Ecuador and especially through the local church. This conference provided us with a wealth of wisdom and information that we were able to bring back to Quito. It also encouraged us to pursue further training in Biblical Counseling, so that we can be better equipped to lead others to Christ in the day to day struggles. We are excited to see how the Lord will use it within La Fuente and the Spanish speaking church.
Juan, Marissa and Mariqui
The conference was hosted by Grace Community Churchin Sun Valley, CA. This church is very close to our Alma Mater, The Master’s College, so it was exciting to see friends from the college as well.
We got to see the girls from the Master’s team that we hosted last summer!
Biblical Counseling in Latin America
Jota has decided to use his MDiv electives at BBC&S to take Master’s Level Biblical Counseling Classes from The Master’s College. His first class began during the ACBC conference and is called “The Biblical Counseling Movement”. This class has been very informative and encouraging as we pray and seek what the Lord has in regards to a movement of Biblical Counseling in Ecuador.

One of the assignments of the class was to meet with a leader in the Biblical Counseling Movement.  We, along with our friend Mariqui, were able to meet with Dr. Heath Lambert, the Executive Director of ACBC. We were able to ask him many questions about the BC movement in the states and seek his wisdom in our desire to establish Biblical Counseling in Ecuador.

Prior to the conference, we began work on translating videos from the BCDASoCal (Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Association of Southern California) website that meet ACBC certification requirements. At the time our desire was to translate them for the use of training in La Fuente. Now ACBC is considering using theses videos for the certification of Spanish speakers! Please pray for this exciting oportunity and as we seek to raise support for this project.

Financial Needs
We are finishing another newsletter that will provide a thorough update on this important area. We are in the middle of major changes as we are moving away from AAI and engaging in opportunities such as those shared in this email. We are asking if you would consider giving to our ministry.  If you are led that way, please email us at juanfmoncayo@gmail.com. Whether tax-deductible or not, whether occasionally or monthly.  We thank you for your prayerful consideration!
We are so thankful for each and every one of you. We do want to know what is going on in your lives as well. Please email us if there is any way we can be praying for you.
In Christ,
Jota and Marissa


Update From Ecuador: The Master’s Team

AUGUST 19, 2014

Dear Friends and Family,

We are so thankful for all of you. Your continued prayer, love and support overwhelms us. We have been reflecting a lot this summer on the Lord’s provision and the richness each of you bring to our lives. Once again we would love to update you on how the Lord is working here in Ecuador.

The Master’s Team

In May we received another team from The Master’s College. This is our second time hosting a team from our alma mater and once again our hearts are full as we reflect back on their time here.
The first week, the team was hard at work at the home of a dear sister named Gaby, from our church.

They laid wire, prepped and painted walls and enjoyed time with Gaby and her family. The work that they did was a major help for Gaby and her family as they were able to move into this place (which they own) a few weeks later. They no longer need to spend money on rent and are able to use it towards the family’s needs.  We loved seeing them jump right in and seek to get to know whoever the Lord brought along their paths.

The girls with Gaby and her sister Valeria

For the next few weeks the team was a huge help around the Alliance Academy campus. They completed some much needed painting and wiring projects, helping in the classroom, assisted Jota in preparing for a team from Grove City College and Children’s Hunger Fund, as well as worked on several videos for our year-end chapel and biblical counseling training.
It was a great encouragement for us to witness the team’s desire to be in intentional in the relationships that they were making with the students and those in La Fuente. Relationships that did not end just because they hopped on a plane and flew back to the states.

The team with Cami. She was a Senior (now graduated) at AAI and a student that Juan and I (Marissa) mentor together.

The team spending time in Old Town Quito with people from La Fuente

One of the highlights of our day was being able to prepare and sit down to dinner with the team almost every night.

The last few days of the trip, we traveled to Baños to debrief and enjoy some chill time together. We biked, hiked, sang, laughed and just enjoyed down time after a busy six weeks.

Biking through the waterfalls of Baños

The six weeks that we were able to serve along side this group were such a blessing to us. Each team member has a special place in our hearts and we miss them already!

We are currently in the states spending time with our families and will be traveling home this coming Sunday. The Lord has refreshed our hearts during our time here and we are ready to return to Ecuador and miss everyone there.

Financial Needs
We currently have some financial needs as Marissa will stop working at Alliance Academy and focus on Spanish and her growing ministry at La Fuente. We have also lost a couple of supporters in the last few months. We are asking if you would consider giving to our ministry.  If you feel led that way, please email us at juanfmoncayo@gmail.com. Whether tax-deductible or not, whether occasionally or monthly.  We thank you for your prayerful consideration!

In Christ,

Juan and Marissa

Spiritual Emphasis Week!

APRIL 01, 2014

Dear friends and family,

One of the most exciting parts of our ministry in Ecuador is pouring into the lives of the students and teachers at Alliance Academy International. This week provides a great opportunity in that regard as for the last couple months we have been preparing the yearly “Spiritual Emphasis Week”.

Spiritual Emphasis Week is a unique week of school in which the students have a modified schedule that includes a built-in hour of chapel in which we intentionally try to engage the school community with the gospel. As I mentioned previously, we plan for this event for a long time. We had games, videos, skits and most importantly people that bring God’s word daily.

The theme for this year is “Question Authority” We want our community to look into things that have authority in our lives (hobbies, relationships, jobs, school, etc) The gospel brings us true freedom as we allow Christ to be the only authority of our lifes! This is a key topic for our students.

This year, we had the opportunity to bring some really special guests. We had ⅔ of Lampmode recordings’ The Collective (Stephen the Levite and Zae da Blacksmith). If you know me (Juan), you probably know how excited I would be for having those guys here. It’s not often that my two worlds (Ecuador and my life in the U.S.) collide. God used the folks from Lampmode to really challenge my faith. I pray that the same could happen with many people here in Ecuador.

  - Pray for the gospel to continue to be preached faithfully and clearly.

- Pray that the Lord would be glorified and that many people would fall in love with Him and be saved. Pray that those that know him, would be encouraged to live in a way that is worthy of our calling.

-Please pray for the follow up after Spiritual Emphasis Week. For opportunities and wisdom for the teachers and staff to speak into the students lives as well as help them connect with a local church.

-Also, please pray for us as we both ended the week feeling pretty sick.

P.S. We quickly wanted to share that we are under our level of support. Please read our previous email and consider partnering with us!

Sound check late Sunday night

Stephen the Levite sharing through music

Poster for Concert